‘The Flash’: Season 3 Premiere “Flashpoint” Spoiler Review

The Flash returns with a solid premiere that that stands on its own from its comic book predecessor.

Heart. Humor. Heroics.

Flashpoint wastes no time as the episode kicks off with Kid Flash chasing down The Rival. The visual effects are definitely improving in this show. I can’t imagine what it’s like to put together these visual effects under a television schedule but visual effects supervisor Armen Kevorkian crushes it.

Barry and Iris together are charming. Their chemistry was stronger this episode than it ever has been before. It’s clear no matter what timeline they are in, the two are destined to be together. I’m glad she said yes when he asked her out on a date. I’m sick of the whole will they won’t they dynamic they’ve had for the last two seasons. It’s frustrating and it doesn’t make for compelling television.

Like all premieres on The CW, things start off happy but the clock is ticking for the characters. It’s never long before the rug’s pulled out sending the characters into disarray. What was ironic about it for this premiere was that it was time itself that was causing Barry’s side effects after he created Flashpoint. I’m glad to see Matt Letscher back in the mix as Eobard Thawne. He is fantastic and it’s great that the writers found a creative way for him to return.

ENTER CISCO. Carlos Valdes proves he can do anything. This guy is seriously a fucking legend. I could use some of the arrogant billionaire playboy Cisco in every episode.

Barry covering for Joe was also a nice touch. The reversal of their dynamic was refreshing and I couldn’t help but get a John McClain vibe from Joe when Barry took him to work.


The showdown between Flash and The Rival was a little weak. It wasn’t bad, however. For a premiere episode I expected something a little more exciting. The two tornados coming together was pretty good. Definitely a call back to the shows pilot episode. But what made the scene was when Candice Patton crushed it as Iris as she helped Barry find his inner strength to defeat The Rival. She’s hit or miss for me in the show but she’s definitely evolving and improving as an actress.

Barry having to ask Reverse Flash to kill his mother so they could return to their timeline was tragic but necessary. I hope the writers can find more creative ways to work Nora Allen (Michelle Harrison) back into the story. The scenes between Barry and his mother are some of the best in the show. It was hard to watch her take a knife to the chest again. Also, the editing that came after when Barry and Reverse Flash returned to the original timelines was awesome.

What made this episode stand out was that it had the heart that season two was lacking. The connection between Barry and his mother and his desire to save her drove season one to exceptional heights. Without that, season two fell a bit flat. But that emotion was back front and center in this episode as Barry had to lose not only his mother again, but his father as well.

The premiere is a solid episode that stands on its own from its comic book predecessor. While Flashpoint itself doesn’t last long, its repercussions will ring throughout the season. Starting with Iris being estranged from Joe and an ominous tease for Dr. Alchemy’s introduction, the premiere ended piquing just enough of the interest it needed to generate in order to get people excited for the next episode.

8.0 – GOOD


Author: Michael Mistroff

I like movies.

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