Duffer Brothers Talk ‘Stranger Things 2’

The second season of the Netflix smash hit was always a part of the plan.

In just a few weeks Stranger Things 2 officially begins production. The hype around the show since its premiere in mid-July hasn’t died down and The Duffer Brothers are riding it all the way up right until the moment they call action for the sequel.

In an interview with THR, The Duffers confirmed that they had been greenlit for a second season before the show had even premiered and become the pop culture phenomenon it is today.


They greenlit the second season before we even premiered. So when everyone was going, “Is there going to be a second season?” we had been writing the entire time. So we’ve been working on this almost all summer.


It drove me crazy. “Please, can’t we just tell everyone we’re doing a second season?”


Netflix has its mysterious ways, but it actually ended up working because it had built up to this fever pitch. I guess that’s what they were intending to do all the time.

“People are still finding season one so giving that time to breathe,” Yeah okay Ross, no one bought that for a second.

Ross and Matt Duffer. (Austin Hargrave/The Hollywood Reporter)

The Duffers revealed the nine episode titles in a teaser trailer last month for the sequel which has been part of the plan from the start. While the episode titles could still change, fans have taken to the internet (including myself) to speculate on just what exactly the titles could mean and what other 80’s films they could be pulling influence from.

Matt: Netflix had another teaser, but it was about going back to stuff that had happened already. I thought it wasn’t exciting enough, and we wanted to provide some hint of where we were going in season two without giving anything away. I do think some of the titles will change. There were titles we didn’t want to put on there because we felt like it would give too much away. The whole season was already broken when we did this.

Ross: So we did have a lot that we could tease.

Matt: Even if they aren’t the final chapter titles, everything in that teaser is major. But they’re ambiguous enough that no one is going to be able to figure it out. Some of the fan theories online are amazing. Most are wrong, but I’ve read a few that are right or very close. Is it Reddit? Some of those people have figured stuff out based off of the chapter titles.

Ross: Some of these theories are elaborate and smart. They’re not crap. I love reading this stuff.

It has already been said that the sequel will take its biggest inspirations from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, Aliens, and Terminator 2. Based on what we know along with the new episode titles, it’s easy to guess that the sequel will take place on or around Halloween or that instead of just one Demogorgon — there will be Demogorgons. The episode titled “The Palace” stood out to me as it instantly made me think of Pankot Palace from Temple of Doom. I pictured The Goonies dropped into the the mine shaft chase sequence from the end of Temple. While I doubt anything like that will happen, the sequel will have a bigger budget along with the action genre injected into the mix of the supernatural mystery horror thriller so one can hope.

As the start date for season two closes in on The Duffers, they are now searching for the newest cast members who will join the iconic characters introduced in the first season. Finding the right kids to play Mike, Eleven, Dustin, Lucas and Will was a long process. Unfortunately time is not a luxury they can afford anymore but given how incredible of a job casting director Carmen Cuba did casting the first season, there is no doubt she will find the perfect talent to add to the series.

Season two will introduce us to a new character for each generation. The one who is raising the most eyebrows is a young girl named Max who will join the kids while riding her skateboard everywhere she goes.


We did a wide, wide search for one new kid that we’re adding. She’s a cool new character.

To read the full interview head on over to THR.

The adventure continues in the fall of 1984.

Stranger Things 2 premieres sometime in 2017.

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