Millie Bobby Brown Talks Finding Eleven

Millie Bobby Brown took the world by storm with her mesmerizing performance as the enigmatic Eleven in this past summer’s smash hit Stranger Things. The actress captivated our minds and stole our hearts as Eleven discovered childhood, friendship, and love. Brown showed a level of extraordinary capability in the series. She is able to display a level of emotion most adult actors can’t even muster up.

The young starlet, destined for superstardom is featured in the winter issue of Dazed Magazine. Brown dished on The Duffer Brothers and their direction, or rather lack thereof, for the character of Eleven:

“They didn’t tell me anything. Your name is Eleven – relate yourself to ET. That was it. I got the job the next day.”

Clearly, the Duffers recognized the incredible talent they had on their hands and were smart enough to step back and let Brown discover the character on her own. Eleven is one of the most incredible, and perhaps the most iconic female characters to ever hit the small screen.

Brown added:

“Eleven is going a lot by instinct. The look, obviously; her body language, definitely. You know, the head tilt. We all just collaborated on our ideas and then we made magic.”

Magic indeed. Stranger Things possesses the magic of filmmaking which seems like a lost art in today’s machine of an industry that Hollywood has become. From the 80’s film grain to the analog synthesizers in the score, as well as the practical effects, and the tightly focused narrative only a single writer, or in this case a brotherly duo can bring. The magic of the human touch remains all the way through to the end credits of the final episode.

Brown was recently confirmed for Stranger Things 2, the follow-up to the first season of Stranger Things. The Duffers have said it will feel much more like a movie sequel as opposed a traditional second season of a television series. Season two will pick up a year later in the fall of 1984 and (spoiler alert) most certainly guarantees the return of Eleven after she vanished into thin air when saving the boys from the Demogorgon. Season two has already started filming and Brown confirmed at Rhode Island Comic Con that she has already shot her first scene.

To read the full interview including Brown’s reaction to the series as well as her experience working with actress Winona Ryder, head on over to






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