BD Wong Will Return in Jurassic World 2

Whether you loved Jurassic World or hated it, you’re going to get another one in 2018. The film itself was a bit of a tongue in cheek commentary on the influence greed has had on all industries including Hollywood. With corporate mandates calling for bigger, better, and scarier dinosaurs, it wasn’t very surprising to see the kind and friendly Dr. Henry Wu (BD Wong) from the original Jurassic Park succumb to the pressures of his corporate masters and become an evil greed lusting villain in Jurassic World. Wu was last seen in possession of dinosaur embryo’s as he made his escape from Isla Nublar via helicopter.

CinemaBlend recently spoke with executive producer Frank Marshall who teased the return of Wu in Jurassic World 2:

When they take off in helicopters, you know they’re probably going to come back.

The return of BD Wong would be a welcomed addition in Jurassic World 2. While Wong didn’t turn in the best performance in Jurassic World, which I would not fault him for, the man can play a chilling villain given the right material to work with. In the USA Network series Mr. Robot, Wong delivers a terrifyingly disturbing performance as White Rose, the enigmatic head of a chinese¬†cyber-terror organization.




Author: Michael Mistroff

I like movies.

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