Kathleen Kennedy Hints at When We’ll See The First Trailer For Episode VIII


With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story finally here, it’s already time to start getting hyped for the next chapter in the Skywalker saga, Star Wars: Episode VIII. Rey’s adventure is just beginning, Star Wars fans are eager to get back to Ahch-To so they can pick up with Rey after she confronted Luke to return to the galaxy and help restore balance to the force. There were rumors of an Episode VIII trailer dropping with Rogue One, but that would have been a mistake as it would have taken away from the event of Rogue One and the masters of this new era of Star Wars know better than that.

That, however, will not stop the press from trying to get a scoop on just exactly when Star Wars fans can expect the first trailer for Episode VIII which is still currently without a title. Recently at an event for Rogue One (h/t Slashfilm),  Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy told BBC News Lizo Mzimba when we’ll get to see that trailer:

“Well, pretty soon. We’re giving [Rogue One] a little bit of breathing room, and then probably heading into spring, you’ll start to see things.”

If the marketing campaign for Rogue One is any indicator, we can expect the trailer to arrive as soon as Rogue One hits shelves on Blu-ray about 16 weeks post it’s theatrical release. Lucasfilm wasted no time with the first teaser for Rogue One which dropped the day after The Force Awakens hit Blu-ray. But it is also possible they could push the teaser or trailer back a week to give fans in attendance at Star Wars Celebration 2017 the first look at the next chapter of Rey’s adventure.

A rough cut of the film written and directed by Rian Johnson is most certainly in order as legendary composer John Williams began scoring the project two days ago.



Author: Michael Mistroff

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