Harley Quinn/Birds of Prey Spinoff Finds Screenwriter

Whether you loved or hated it the third outing in the DCEU Suicide Squad, there’s no denying that actress Margot Robbie was indisputably the best part of the film with her fantastic realization of the fourth most popular character in DC comics history, Harley Quinn.

Coming off the heels of the film, it came as no great surprise when Robbie struck a first-look deal to develop and produce three feature films at Warner Bros. through her production company, LuckyChap Entertainment.

According to The Wrap, Warner Bros. has tapped screenwriter Christina Hodson to pen the script for a Harley Quinn/Bird of Prey spinoff. While Hodson isn’t well known to audiences now, she will be a name to look out for in the coming years as she has already turned in a Bumblebee spinoff script for the Transformers franchise over at Paramount Pictures as well as reboot for The Fugitive over at Warner Bros. She first made a name for herself when her spec script “The Eden Project” made the blacklist and was bought up by Sony and Material Pictures. Her first effort to hit the silver screen, Shut In, released in theaters yesterday.

Whether the Harley Quinn/Bird of Prey spinoff is good or bad, tt will be interesting to see it come to fruition. Considering the shift in course Warner Bros. is making after the negative critical reception to Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, it’s probably a good thing none of the members of the Birds of Prey lineup have been introduced into the DCEU as of yet, giving them a fresh slate to move forward into development with.

Birds of Prey currently features Barbra Gordon, The Huntress, and the Black Canary. Just a few years ago The CW’s Arrow experimented with The Huntress and Sara Lance’s Canary going head to head in an episode titled “Birds of Prey”, but the female team never came to be. While the producers of Arrow weren’t thrilled with their interpretation of Helena Bertinelli’s Huntress, fans did respond to her character and the Birds of Prey episode positively. Considering it was revealed recently that Arrow was a testing ground for the squad lineup in Suicide Squad, I wouldn’t be surprised if Warner Bros. went with the current Birds of Prey team.