Nintendo Switch First Look

This morning Nintendo revealed it’s next generation console: Nintendo Switch.

This morning Nintendo revealed it’s next generation console: ‘Nintendo Switch’ which was originally dubbed ‘NX’. After seeing the trailer I have mixed feelings regarding the machine. I grew up back when Nintendo was the leading innovator in video games but over the last ten years, Nintendo has struggled to keep up with the industry. For a while, the company seemed completely disinterested in adapting to how gaming had evolved. They even removed themselves from E3 and opted to host their own event — Nintendo Treehouse — in order to showcase their upcoming games.

I understand that Nintendo’s main audience has always been children. But we Nintendo fans have grown up and the company has refused to grow with us. As someone who considered himself once a fan, I basically feel abandoned by the company. Now they seem to take advantage of the nostalgic factor by releasing a new title game such as Mario, Zelda, Supersmash, or Mario Kart once every new console. The problem for me is that it’s all they have to offer. Can I continue to justify purchasing a new machine every few years just for a few titles?

As far as the new console goes, I am not buying into the hype. The new controller says to me that the company has low expectations for how the console is going to perform so they’ve developed a gimmick to get people interested — much like they did with the introduction of Wii Remotes, and also the Wii U GamePad. I’m already feeling buyer’s remorse as I’ve been sucked in by ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’. I do have to admit though the idea of being able to play console games on a portable device is appealing. The Nintendo 3DS was disappointing but if the portable experience on Switch is good enough, it could win me over. I carried my Sega Game Gear with me through the nineties and I don’t think we have had a portable gaming experience that has compared since.

Obviously, I am a bit salty. Considering I am the only person I know who bought a Wii U, I think it is probably best to remain trepidatious. Still going to buy it, though, begrudgingly.

The Nintendo Switch hits shelves in March 2017.